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We have an answer! Will what was said surprise you?

Howard from Sierraville emailed us an answer! He was one of the customers who bought 2 Cichlid Stone 10 Pc kits last weekend; he gave us permission to share his message with everyone:

Ha!  Don’t know the others!  I found your cichlid stones many years ago and have had them in my 60 gallon Lake Malawi Cichlid tank.  The mbuna love the cichlid stones!  They look great and they have outlasted my aquarium.  My center brace recently broke and the silicone is on its last legs. I have ordered a 135 gallon to replace the 60 gallon and am thrilled to get your fantastic stones.  They look great many years later, are easily moved for cleaning the substrate, make great use of limited space, and don’t scratch the glass.  They will be  perfect for my new aquarium! 

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Its customers like these that make our hearts glad! So glad our products make your fish happy Howard! Ruth

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