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Rare 20% Off Holiday Sale looks like a good time to finally add another post!

Updated: Jun 3

It has been much too long since my last post, its embarrassing. I know I am shy and all, but I should have done better! I got three more blog views today and you guys have inspired me! That, and the great response to our special Memorial Day weekend sale!

I sent out the email a couple of hours ago and the orders are already pouring in!

Thank you for all of you who are such great fans of our line! We do it for you!

Creating all of our items in earth-friendly ceramic is a labor of love- making sure only the best goes into your tank with your wonderful fish!

I am going to start looking for multiple order customers to interview, so they can share with you who are not sure about our products yet! They can tell us all about their experience with the items, how their fish responded, what kind of fish they have, etc!

So don't be surprised if you get a call from me soon! Thank you again for all your business everyone!

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