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Is there a run on our classic Cichlid Stone"Big Rock Box" ?!

This weekend we got multiple orders in a ROW; for the Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stone "Big Rock Box"! That does not happen! Usually they are like popcorn, all mixed up with other items. I am actually wondering if the buyers know each other and were advising each other?!

Howard from Rockaway, NJ ordered 2 cases! ; so he got 20 hollow ceramic rock caves in one order, as did Jesse in Moscow, PA, and a single case for Todd in Sierra, CA! Do you guys know each other? From a Cichlid Society maybe?! Just curious, it is always fun to know how people find us :)

We went ahead and officially extended the Memorial Day Sale till this Friday June 7, 2024 in case you missed it! We alway want to make sure your fish have everything they need from us :) Here is an image of the stone caves in this kit- sized 5 1/2 inches to 7 1/4 inches in case you were wondering. The one shown near the left side has a 2 1/2" tall opening and is a large stone, the one on the right has a 1 1/2 inch opening and is a medium size. There are no small sized in this kit. The ones where you cannot see an opening have just been turned so the opening does not face you; they all have single cave opening! Check out the website for more info if you need; and talk to you soon! Ruth

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