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Cichlid Stones are the ultimate hollow ceramic rock for you fishtank! They are named after the "Cichlid" a popular variety of fish, (pronounced "Sick -lid") that thrive in a tank with a nice pile of rocks for territory and habitat enhancement. They love our stones!

  Our stone shapes were taken from actual wild rocks from the Columbia River banks, here in Oregon. The shapes were chosen for their ability to create excellent crevices between stones where fish love to swim and hide; and their ability to stack in interesting combinations. Our stones can been turned any which way to create all sorts of rock scapes. Each stone only has one opening so that it can be "claimed " as territory in community tanks. It works beautifully to create harmony in tanks where dominant male agression is creating stress among your fish.

The original since 1993, with many imitators now on the market, our Cichlid Stones come in several pack sizes. The most popular pack sizes are the 10 and 15 pack because everyone wants as many as they can get for the best price!

We also have a  3 pack available to try them out. 


Other Sizes & Shapes Available Soon

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