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Cichlid Stone; Large Square Rock dimensions: 7" long x 5 " wide x 4 " tall -

is currently our largest stone available.

It creates the most hieght in your rock scape and has the largest opening; 3" tall.

All the pictures above are of the same rock; turned every which way. So you can see

you could put 3 or 4 in your tank and they will look like completely different rocks!

Great for creating crevaces and cave spaces for your fish!

- hollow ceramic rock

-does not displace water like ordinary rock

- lightweight unlike ordinary rock

- no danger to the tank glass like ordinary rock

- excellent hiding and breeding space

-upc# 738008064010

Undewater Galleries Cichlid Stone; Large Square Rock

SKU: 738003064013
$14.55 Regular Price
$13.25Sale Price
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