The 8 Stone Kit is a great new assortment that gives you one of each of all the current stone shapes and sizes! For those with larger fish or trying to create more hieight in their rock scape this assortment is a good choice as it has 3 Large Cichlid Stones and only 2 small ones.


It contains  two small Cichlid Stones; round and square, you get one of each of those; then it has three medium Cichlid Stones:

Ravine, Toe-Hold, and Boulder, you get one of each of those, and finally three Large Cichlid Stones: Large Ravine, Large Toe Hold and Large Boulder, and you get one of each of these as well! They all have a single good size opening, and create great crevices to swim through and around when you build your new rockscape. Your fish will have great fun navigating through their new rocky habitat!

With the new environmental enhancement you will find more peace and harmony, and less aggression in your tank community:)


The new video shows the eight stones that are in the kit!


Inventory shipment has finally arrived in the country 08/25/2022!

Product must still be moved to warehouse and be devanned which will take a couple of days.

Orders placed today will ship 

approx August 30th!

Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stones: 8 Stone Kit

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