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Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stone 15 pack Fish Tank Rocks Cave Kit; is our most popular assortment!! It contains 7 different  fish tank rock shapes, in 3 different sizes, all with a single opening so your fish can each chose a cave home! Create a free form rock pile that will give your fish a complex environment which will reduce aggression and bring more harmony to community tanks.

The Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stone 15 Stone Kit contains-

5 - Cichlid Stones - Small: round and square

8 - Cichlid Stones - Medium : Boulder, Toe-hold, and Revine

2 - Cichlid Stones - Large: Square

15 total Stones

* made from Earth- Friendly Ceramic 

* Lightwieght - will not endanger tank glass like ordinary rock

* hollow - will not displace tank water which will give the tank more carrying     capacity

* single openings in each stone so that it will function as a defensible space for individual fish in a community tank providing more harmony and less aggression in the aquarium


Cichlid Stone 15 Pc Aquarium Rock Cave Kit

SKU: 738008067014
$83.45 Regular Price
$68.43Sale Price
  • Personally, I think these stones look better and better as the algae grows on them, and your aquarium environment looks more and more like the bottom of a natural lake, but, some people like the look of the fresh stones when they are first put into the tank. So, to remove algae from the stones, you can scrub them using coarse salt as a cleanser ( no residue of cleaning chemicals to worry about) Or, put them in a cold oven and put them on bake at 300 degrees farieght for about 15 minutes and then let them cool down before you remove them. Then the algae will come off even easier with a stiff brush and water.

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