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Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stone 15 pack Fish Tank Rocks Cave Kit; is our most popular assortment!! It contains 7 different  fish tank rock shapes, in 3 different sizes, all with a single opening so your fish can each chose a cave home! Create a free form rock pile that will give your fish a complex environment which will reduce aggression and bring more harmony to community tanks.

The Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stone 15 Stone Kit contains-

5 - Cichlid Stones - Small: round and square

8 - Cichlid Stones - Medium : Boulder, Toe-hold, and Revine

2 - Cichlid Stones - Large: Square

15 total Stones

* made from Earth- Friendly Ceramic 

* Lightwieght - will not endanger tank glass like ordinary rock

* hollow - will not displace tank water which will give the tank more carrying     capacity

* single openings in each stone so that it will function as a defensible space for individual fish in a community tank providing more harmony and less agression in the aquarium


Fish Tank Rocks ! UG Cichlid Stone 15 Pack Aquarium Rock Cave Kit

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