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Underwater Galleries Moon Stone 12 Pack! - Glow!

has the same Moon Stones as the Underwater Galleries Moon Stone 3 Pack-

in fact it is four 3 packs packed together, to give you a bigger discount!

                stone sizes: 2.5 - 3 " long, 2-2.5 " wide, 1.5-2" tall,

This is an assortment of 12 stones; different shapes, different colors, and different number of openings, all with doorways ringed with glow glaze!


The glow glaze absorbs light from the aquarium light above them and gives it off again when the lights go out! So it creates rings of light for your fish to swim through! ( remember to angle the stones so the light falls directly on the doorways so the glaze can gather it)

Within the Moon Stone category there are a total of 10 different color combinations,( three different colors applied to each stone), and  4 different shapes,  assorted into 4 different color packs; so the more you get, the more colorful your tank becomes! With this assortment you get one of each of the 4 different color assortments!


Inside each 3 pack is:

1 " Cozy Cave" with one hole that is like a little home for your fish.

1 "Gettaway Rock" with two holes one large and one small. So tiny fish can swim through the small hole and the larger fish that might be chasing him will have to turn around and go back!

1 " Playground Rock" with three holes!


                  giving your fish toys like these makes there home more fun!

                                   *all individually hand glazed

                         *our proprietary glow glaze is completely natural

                                  and safe for all aquariums


                                            COLLECT THEM ALL! 


                  The more stones they have, the more fun you'll have!

                    Moon Stones create a magical world for your fish;

                                     places to explore by day,

                                   glowing rings of light at night!


The Moon Stone 12 pack is actually 4 of the Moon Stone 3 Packs

Underwater Galleries Moon Stone 12 Pack-Glow!

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$29.90 Regular Price
$28.11Sale Price
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