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This Kit is made especially for people who have smaller fish or fish that like asmaller interior for their personal spaces. It contains:

  5 #6301 Small Round  3" long  x 2 1/2"wide  with a 1 1/4" opening and

  5 # 6311 Small Square   3" long x 3" wide  with a 1 1/8 " opening

 As with all of our Cichlid Stones they are hollow ceramic rock

that can be turned any which way, with only one opening for good territory space!

 Great for  Apistogramma! and all other small cave enjoying fish! Also great to provide for the smaller fish in a community tank where larger fish are being aggressive; especially if they could not FIT in the smaller stone! :)

How many kits do you need?! And for dealer customers; each stone is packed with its original header and net bag for display on your pegboards :)

Fish Tank Rocks! Cichlid Stone "Small Rock Box" 10 Pc Kit!

$45.98 Regular Price
$39.54Sale Price
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