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This Underwater Galleries New Sea Cave Multi-Pack Kit contains one each of the Sea Cave Small, the Sea Cave Medium, and the Sea Cave Large! So many of us have need of more than one Sea Cave, for our Loaches and Plecos and all other fish that like a low to the ground cave... and now you can get all three sizes in one nicely discounted Multi-Pack Kit! 

Each cave has a main cave opening that is at ground level. And the entire bottom of the cave is open to the gravel bed for good water circulation.  This main cave opening is 3-4" wide and approx 1.5" tall. 

Each Underwater Galleries Sea Cave also has 3 other openings higher up on the rock, so that the aquarium cave can also be a place of exploration and refuge for other aquarium inhabitants. 

The Dimensions of the three Underwater Galleries Sea Caves included

are as follows:

Sea Cave Small - 5.5" x 3.5" x 2.5" tall

Sea Cave Medium 6.5" x 4" 3" tall

Sea Cave Large  9" x 8" x 3" tall


All made of Eco-Friendly Ceramic.

All Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums


Separately these three Aquarium Rock Cave Sea Caves would cost $41.98 - but in this New Underwater Galleries Sea Cave Multi-Pack you pay $38.75 !


Sea Cave Multi-pack Kit - 3 Pcs #5702

SKU: 5702
$41.98 Regular Price
$38.98Sale Price
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