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Underwater Galleries Pleco Driftwood Aquarium Cave was actually molded from an amazing chunk of Driftwood found at the Oregon Coast. It actuallyhas two unconnected caves; a has a huge opening on one side that opens into the interior of the piece, and a second shallow cave that provides refuge but does not open to the inside.  The opening shown in the main image and the " in tank" image are the same. The piece is simply lying down in one and standing in the other.  This would make a great cave for any larger fish with the opening size 3" tall. Around the other side is a unique cave indentation that does not go through to the interior, and  if you chose to lie the piece down, another fish can enjoy this other hiding spot!You can see it in the thrird image showing a dark area near the bottom of the image.

We provided so many photos of this ornament because it has so many extraordinary angles in which it can be placed. In fact puting two or three in an aquarium would look amazing and would look like three completely different pieces of wood!


*size 10" tall x 9" wide x 4.5 " deep

* earth-friendly ceramic

*opening height: 3"


Pleco Driftwood Aquarium Cave -# 6053

SKU: 738008060534