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Underwater Galleries Driftwood Aquarium Cave Log is a perfect cave for all large aquarium fish like: plecos, catfish, and eels. With a main cave opening of 3 inches, and an interior space of approx 270 ci, it will fit some of the largest aquarium fish comfortably! Underwater Galleries Driftwood Aquarium Cave Log is cast from a  mold made from an amazing piece of Driftwood found at the Coast in our home state of Oregon, on a blustery winter afternoon. It is made from eco-friendly ceramic with an huge inside cave space that ordinary driftwood just does not have! It has two unconnected caves;  a huge opening on one side that opens into the interior of the piece, and a second cave that provides refuge but does not open to the inside. 

The Underwater Galleries Driftwood Aquarium Cave Log makes a great cave home for any fish -and is a great habitat enhancing decor piece, with swim through openings; and is stackable with other decor pieces to create crevices and nooks for the kind of complex environment that keeps community tank populations happy!

 The many images of  Underwater Galleries Driftwood Aquarium Cave Log show the many ways you can turn and place it. Use two in different positions to create the look of driftwood settled to the lake bottom, and get 2 enormous cave spaces for two great fish!

*size 10" tall x 9" wide x 4.5 " deep

* earth-friendly ceramic

*opening height: 3"


Driftwood Aquarium Cave for Larger Tanks -# 6053 - Plecos especially

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