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Now there is a way to play with your Betta! Get your Betta Fish a new toy:some thing that will make him think there is a competitor nearby.  This will keep him engaged and on his toes! Bettas, as you probably know are " Siamese Fighting Fish". With the Betta View Mirror he will catch sight

of himself,  flair his fins to intimidate his rival!  You can give him the mirror whenever you want to play; and take it out again so he does not wear himself out!

Keep him fit and healthy - get him a Betta View Mirror


* 100% Earth Friendly Ceramic with actual glass mirror

* size -   2.5" tall x 2" wide x 1.5" deep



Item # 9561 Betta View Mirror - aqua

SKU: 738003095611
$5.50 Regular Price
$4.95Sale Price
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