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Underwater Galleries New 6 Pc "All Big Rocks" Box  is for aquarists with larger fish or who want to build  a tall rock pile fast 

 : It includes 2 each of our 3 Large Cichlid Stone:

6401 - Large Square

6423-Large Toehold

Large Boulder -6413 


* 6.25 inches long on Large Cichlid Stone Square

* 7 inches long on Large Toe Hold

* 7.25 inches long on the Large Boulder* earth-friendly ceramic


*lightweight and hollow so they do not displace water

* only one opening per stone creates unique, defensible, territory space

*  2.75"- 3" openings

* great cave spaces for hiding, breeding, and exploring


Cichlid Stone New 6 PC "All Big Rocks" Box

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