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The Cichlid Stone 3 Pack is good if you have a smaller tank; need a few extra stones; or just want to get a feel for the stones before you buy a bigger kit for your aquarium. 

It contains 2 medium stones and one small.

Ravine Rock                        5.5" long with a 1.5" opening

ToeHold Rock                     5.75" long with a 1.5" opening

Cichlid Stone, sm round      3.25" long with a 1" opening


*made of earth-friendly ceramic

*All hollow and light-weight with a single opening

* all able to turn in all directions so you can decide how you want to stack them.

* won't displace water like ordinary stone

*easy to arrange without worrying about damaging the glass of the tank

*good interior space for exploration, hiding and breeding

*made of earth-friendly ceramic

(more than a quarter of a million Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stones sold over the last 25 years)


Cichlid Stone, 3 Stone Kit

SKU: 738008065614
$21.95 Regular Price
$19.76Sale Price
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