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  Underwater Galleries Hollow Log Arch Kit! Multi Pack is the newest of our New Multi Pack series! This one gives you the freedom to create a truly awesome playgound for your fish: with a tons of inside spaces to explore and   ultimately 32 separate entrances and exits to map out in their brains! An engaged fish is a happy fish! 

This Multi Pack contains 4 of our Sunken Branch Logs  - normally sold separately for approximately $14. To encourage our hobbiests to realize the potential of this unique piece we are making this Hollow Log Arch Kit Multi Pack available for a significant cost savings - and right now it has  a  introductory SALE price-  which offers more than 28% off  

 What will you do with them?! We put some of our favorite ideas above in the photos - First off is the "Fork Arch"! It measures 9.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide, with the total width of the assembly as 16 inches 

Then we have the "Complex Arch" - with the middle log dividing up the interior space of the main swim through. It looks more challenging for the

fish to navigate, thereby creating a more complex environment for them  

Then we have the "Brush Pile" and the "Hodgepoge" which are lower to the ground with less formal structure. But of course you can create whatever new arrangement your imagination can dream up! And we would

love to see photos of them when they are done  

 Each Sunken Log forks; providing an underwater "fork in the road" as well as multiple "side exits" and "off ramps" along the way 

It is more than what WE can create with it! It is what it means to THEM! A complex environment for exploration and refuge


  • Logs that are not ordinary wood, but Eco
  • Friendly, sustainable Ceramic
  • They are not just logs; the are HOLLOW logs
  • Build with them any which way
  • Change your configuration whenever you want something new
  • Pack Includes 4 Units of  Sunken Branch Log

Hollow Log Arch Kit! 4 Pc Multipack

SKU: 6037
$45.95 Regular Price
$25.27Sale Price
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