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Underwater Galleries Rock Pile Oasis is characterized by large monolythic

rocks tumbled together and creating a natural looking cave under an

overhanging rock. (A close up image is provided of the triangular cave

location). It also contains a depression glazed with gloss glaze to hold water, plus a high slanting rock for your reptile to climb to and bask. As this is ceramic there is no problem with putting it under a heat lamp to create the warmth that your reptile needs to stay healthy. An added bonus is the ceramic will heat up itself and hold the heat just like any other rock sitting out in the sun in the desert so that lying on it will warm the belly of your reptile as well helping with digestion.

*100% Earth-Friendly Ceramic

* size 6.5" long x 6" wide x 4" high



8214 Reptile Rock Pile Oasis Cave/Water/Basking stone

SKU: 738008082147
$15.98 Regular Price
$14.86Sale Price
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