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The 3Pack Biggest Cichlid Stones has one each of the three different Large Cichlid Stones:

1 -Large Square                 #6401

1 -Large Toe Hold Rock   # 6423

1 -Large Boulder Rock     # 6413


These have the largest openings for hobbiests with the largest fish! Openings from 2 3/4" to 3" tall.

The stones are 7-8" in length.

All are made from Earth Friendly Ceramic - with a single opening for a good defensible hiding, breeding, territory space.


From 121/26- 1/26/2024-

The Cichlid Stone assortment will be 2 #6413 and 1#6413


Fish Tank Rock Caves-Large-Cichlid Stone 3Pack - #6763

SKU: 6763
$34.98 Regular Price
$34.50Sale Price
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